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  Combating Violence against Women
Community mobilization
To empower and engage community based organizations/ civil society organizations in mitigation and resolution of domestic violence (DV) incidences locally.
Violence Mitigation Committees (VMCs) at G.P. level were formed and members were imparted training for ending violence against women. The resulted effect is very encouraging.  Women from excluded communities hitherto facing violence alone and helpless are getting support from the VMCs immediately at their door step. Men are raising voice in support of womensurvivors of violence at appropriate forums. The VMC not only provide alternative resolution in cases of violence against women at the place of occurrence but also intervene to wipe them out before a small matter becomes serious - a pro-active approach to end violence against women. Conscious efforts are made to sensitize and involve men and youth in the endeavor.
Gender sensitization programme in schools:
Gender-based discrimination that exists in the families considered normal and trivial. These ‘trivial’ matters in a child’s life have got great bearing in the long run. Male child who is reared up as the center of power learns to dominate over his ‘powerless’ sisters. Thus, this learnt behavior in families, schools and societies, in later stage gives a male right to violate a woman’s rights. The process of socialization reinforces gender roles.With the objective to sensitize youths on gender, sex and gender based violence - how it affects life and peace in society and how the problem may be  addressed, the gender sensitization program was started in schools. Teachers as well as students were sensitized on the issue. Concept like Maitryee Clubs, suggestion box, gender game etc. proved popular among the participants.
 Alliance building
Government organizations, local self government institutions, judiciary, non governmental organizations, police and media can contribute a great deal to end violence against women, when they work hand-in-hand. Alliance building among various stakeholders thus is the key factor in combating violence against women. Through regular workshops, thematic discussions and regular meetings, alliance partners are provided platform for coming together to discuss the issue of violence against women.  
Awareness and public education on PWDVA – 2005
The Act was promulgated in the country since October, 2006 but it failed to reach the common mass due to lack of sincerity of the government. From 2007 we have been organizing training, public discussions, seminar and workshops in various parts in the district for raising awareness on the provisions of PWDV Act- 2005. With the help of VMCs survivors are filing DIR directly with the Protection Officer.
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